The Company Behind The Technology
Equipment Support Company U.S.A. Inc. is an American company dedicated to producing high performance based materials. Equipment Support Company U.S.A. Inc. is committed to being the leader in ultra-high purity materials manufacturing. We are a fast growing multi-national organization offering the most complete range of metals and ceramics for the Microelectronic, Display Technology, Magnetic Media, Optical, Glass and Hard Coating Industries.

With over 50 years of combined industry experience, Equipment Support Company U.S.A. Inc. employees provide immediate solutions to some of the industry's more difficult challenges. We have an excellent team of professionals, including application engineers, materials development specialists, quality control technicians and field sales engineers dedicated to servicing our diversified customer base.

Product integrity is Equipment Support Company's primary objective in serving our customers. From the smallest R&D order to full scale production, our high purity materials division competitively routes all orders through our rigorous quality system. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated in the quality of our end product and product satisfaction is what we guarantee with every order we ship.

We Support:

  • Airco Temescal
  • Applied Materials
  • CVC
  • Innotec
  • MRC
  • Sloan
  • U.S., Inc.
  • Alcatel
  • Balzers
  • Edwards
  • Kurt Lesker
  • Nordico
  • Sun Source
  • Varian
  • Custom Designed
  • Angstrom Sciences
  • CPA
  • Gryphon
  • Leybold
  • Perkin-Elmer
  • Ulvac
  • Veeco



    In 1998 ESC decided to design and build their own range of batch sputtering systems, and from this idea they developed the 944, ELAS and R & D systems.

    The 944 System is a dual level loadlock, downward sputtering system which can be used with a variety of substrates and materials.

    The ELAS is a large area downward sputtering system capable of processing four 8 inch wafers in one batch. It is designed with a 'through the wall', dual level loadlock, reducing the required size of the cleanroom footprint. We are currently developing the option of employing a robot system to perform cassette to cassette handling duties of the wafers.

    The R & D machine is a tri-target research and development system capable of sputtering all three targets at once.

    The 902 PLC machine is a dual level loadlock, two target PLC driven sputtering system capable of reactive sputtering.

    The MBT from FDSI is a new system under development. Further information will be available soon.